NVMEngines envisions to be the worldwide leading fab-less Semiconductor design services company offering emerging advanced non-volatile memory solutions for the automotive, Internet of Things (IoT), micro-controller, FPGA, L4 cache, data center technologies, data-processing, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), defence, space  and wearable computing  markets. Emerging non-volatile memory such as STT-RAM, SOT-RAM, ReRAM, PCM are being offered by major process foundries and expected to be major driver for low cost & low power applications. Non-Volatile emerging memory IP have advantages over FLASH, DRAM & SRAM based on application and market focus.


As advanced semiconductor process nodes become more costly going at lower geometries (14nm, 10nm, 7nm), some of the application market may not be able to support the cost going forward. For these cost sensitive semiconductor memory markets, emerging non-volatile memory usage at 28nm and 40nm process nodes may be a viable option.
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