Nilesh Gharia


Nilesh Gharia has 20+ years of experience in the semiconductor industry with a diverse background in semiconductor design and product development. During his time in Broadcom, the company was acquired by the industry giant, Avago. In addition to working in large corporations such as Broadcom, he was a part of the startup team at NetLogic Microsystems which went IPO and was later acquired by the former for $3.7B. Nilesh would later work in Virtual Silicon Technology after being the 1st Engineer at Lanstar Semiconductor, and was responsible for team development and product design. After 4 years from its inception, Lanstar Semiconductor went IPO. His expertise includes: startups, emerging memories, memory compiler development, MRAM technologies, semiconductor IP development, network processors, and team/project management. Nilesh holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and has a portfolio 13 US issued patents.




Douglas Smith

Board of Director/VP Engineering

Douglas served as Vice President of Central Engineering at Broadcom where he managed fundamental IP and technology direction.  During his 17 years at Broadcom he pioneered a number of Memory capabilities including leading the industry in anti-fuse OTP cell development, drove significant advances in Memory and Standard cell compilers as well as MRAM design.  Prior to Broadcom Douglas spent 10 years pioneering memory compiler development at Motorola driving automation in the memory arena. Douglas has more than 40 patents related to memory standard cell and I/O.  Douglas holds a B.S. and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Brigham Young University.




Dr. Jack Guedj


Jack was President and CEO of Tensilica since 2008 where, he transformed Tensilica into a rapidly growing company ascending to the #1 position in merchant DSP and ultimately leading to the Cadence acquisition in 2013 where he served as Corporate VP, Tensilica Products.
Prior to Tensilica Jack led the spin-out of Magnum from Cirrus Logic serving as founder, president and CEO. Jack led Magnum’s growth from ground zero to leadership in Multimedia SOCs for the Professional Video Broadcast, Consumer PVR TV/Camcorder/DVD Recorder and Set Top Box markets and the acquisition of the Consumer Products Group of LSI Corporation (C Cube). Prior to Cirrus, Jack was President of Tvia, Inc., leading that company’s successful IPO in August 2000. Jack holds an MBA from the UCLA Graduate School of Management. Jack attained a MSEE from Pierre & Marie Curie Engineering School of Paris, and a doctoral degree from the University of Pierre & Marie Curie.




Marcia Zander


Marcia Zander is a global executive who has a 30 year track record of creating value for companies through growth.  She was SVP of Worldwide Sales for NetLogic and drove sales from zero to an eventual $3.7B sale to Broadcom.


Dr. Kaushik Roy


Dr. Kaushik Roy is a distinguished professor at Purdue University with 800+ technical publications in the field of MRAM, SRAM and semiconductor research.